AK-SMB-350 Semi-Auto Mitre Double Column Band-Saw



Hydraulic Vise Micro Spray
Hydraulic Blade Tension 3M Roller Table
Chips Conveyor 3M Motorized Roller Table
2º​ Inclined Blade 1.2 M Roller Table
Inverter Lightning for working area / lamp
Chip Brush Laser Pointer of cutting line

AK-SMB-350 Semi-Auto Mitre Double Column Band-Saw

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Technicial Specifications
Capacity 90Round mm 350
Capacity 90Square mm 350
Capacity 90Rectangle mm 350X360
Capacity 45Round mm 230
Capacity 45Square mm 230
Capacity 45Rectangle mm 230X350
Band Dimensions mm 4950X34X1.1
Boron Oil Depot  lt 30
Hydraulic Storage  lt 15
Blade Speed (m/dk) m/min 0-60
Main Motor kw 2.2
Cutting Speed m/min 20-100
Hydraulic Motor kw 0.75
Bor Oil Motor kw 0.09
Conveyor Motor kw 0.44
Working Hight mm 605
Length mm 2050
Width mm 1100
Height mm 1700
Weight kg 1600


Double Column Bandsaws with linear guideways are ideal for MITRE cuts with different quantities.
With the movement of the bow, it’s possible to cut between 90° and +45°. With height adjustment and
hydraulic cutting, control allows the bow to go up over the material after the cut. All this process is
controlled by a digital counter on the control panel and total duration for one cut decreases. Fixing
the bow at any angle is controlled by the hydraulic brake system.